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Water Forensic Body Recovery System

Our range of body recovery equipment provides an efficient and hygienic method of securing casualties and retaining evidence in a wide range of circumstances. All the equipment has been developed in association with UK Police Forces, and is designed to minimise the risks of contamination to the body, contamination to the rescue crew, and the loss or compromise of forensic evidence.

The Water Forensic Body Recovery System uses the SB Rescue Sling to enable the operator to capture the body without having to physically touch it.

Water Forensic Body Recovery System.

Water Forensic Body Recovery System

Recovering a body from the surface (or near-surface) without the operator physically touching it.

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Underwater Forensic Body Recovery Bag

Forensic Body Recovery Bags: Underwater, Surface, Vertical

Specially designed for recovery from water, or from a vertical position.

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Hand Protection

Forensic Bags: Head / Hands / Feet

Additional protective bags for head, hands and feet.

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Forensic Limb Recovery Bag (2)

Forensic Bags: Limb Recovery

Additional protective bag for recovery of limbs etc.

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SB Sling Mounting Clip 5

Mounting Kit for Water Forensic Body Recovery System

Enables secure stowage, yet with easy access

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