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Aqua-Sac ® "Sandbag" (Domestic/Commercial)

Used in the construction of flood defences in a similar way to traditional sandbags; when deployed in smaller quantities, Aqua-Sac® is ideal for protecting domestic or small commercial premises.

Aqua-Sac® is a sturdy jute sack containing a superabsorbent polymer (as used in disposable nappies!). After soaking in freshwater for approx 5 minutes, it expands to over 30 times its original size.

The un-inflated bag is compact to store (a traditional filled sandbag is 40-times the size!), and easy to transport (each bag weighs only 0.4kg). When inflated, the bag weighs 13kg and measures 54 x 31 x 10.5 cm.

Supplied in sealed packs of 5 bags, with a shelf-life in excess of 5 years.

Made from benign and biodegradable materials. Can be reused, subject to a drying-out period and provided they have not been contaminated by chemicals, sewerage etc.

Prices from as little as £23.25 + VAT per pack of 5 bags (equivalent to £4.65 + VAT per bag), with substantial discounts available for higher quantities.

To order 20+ packs (100+ bags) at even lower prices, please click here

DescriptionPrice Inc VATPrice Ex VATQty
Enter number of packs (5 bags per pack) - price per pack for up to 4 packs£27.90£23.25
Enter number of packs (5 bags per pack) - price per pack for 5 to 19 packs£25.56£21.30

Key Features

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Easily stored and transported:
    - each pack of 5 uninflated bags is only 58cm x 44 cm x 4.5cm, weighing 1.9kg
    - shelf life is more than 5 years

  • Quickly and easily deployed:
    - the bags can be inflated on-site
    - by simply submerging in freshwater for approx 5 minutes
  • Can be re-used (subject to a drying-out period, and to not having been contaminated)

  • Can be disposed of in landfill, incinerated, or recycled as a hydrating medium by adding directly to soil
As an example, to build a wall up to 63cm high by 93cm deep and 100cm long, approx 36 bags are required. (Regardless of whether you're using Aqua-Sac® or traditional sandbags, if the wall is to be in place for a long period, then PVC sheeting may also be required on the wet side of the wall.)



  • Size:
    - Each bag:           Inflated:        54cm long x 31cm wide x 10.5cm high     Weight: approx 13.0kg
    - Pack of 5 bags:  Uninflated:  58cm long x 44cm wide x 4.5cm high        Weight: approx   1.9kg   

  • Manufactured from benign and biodegradable materials: a heavy duty jute sack with a cotton liner and containing a super-absorbant polymer. Can be safely disposed of in landfill or incinerated (the super-absorbant polymer can also be used as a hydrating medium by adding it directly to soil)

  • Supplied in sealed packs of 5 bags, with a shelf life of more than 5 years

  • Inflation: submerge in freshwater for approx 5 minutes; each bag will hold approx 13 litres

  • SeaWater: Aqua-Sac® can also be used to protect against seawater ingress. However, it must be inflated using freshwater only. Over time, seawater can cause the bag to start deflating, in which case it can be replenished using freshwater.

  • The materials are not regulated as Hazardous Materials. However, sensible precautions are required during storage, transport, deployment and clean-up (especially as the inflated bags, and the area around them, become very slippery). Full details are in our Technical Data Sheet which can be downloaded here (pdf file, 548 KB).



Download PDFAqua-Sac® - Information Sheet (pdf file, 676 KB)

Download PDFAqua-Sac® - Technical Data (pdf file, 548 KB)


Aqua-Sac®    Aqua-Sac® in situ (1)     Flood-photos-3-July-2008-012-800x580 compressed 

Placing Aqua-Sac® in Water  Aqua-Sac® Inflated  Aqua-Sac® in situ (2)

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