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For when you need to respond quickly: ...... day or night ...... whatever the situation ...... wherever the emergency ......

Rescue Boat - Fire & Rescue Service

Small Rescue Boats

Small and lightweight with a big payload capacity. Can be fully inflated in under 30 seconds.

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GP Inflatable Workboat 1

General Purpose Inflatable Boats

Among the most robust and verstile inflatable workboats on the market to day

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Inflatable Shelter

Emergency Inflatable Shelter

Multi-use Emergency Shelter, up to 8m x 5m. Inflates in 40 seconds!

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Floor Mats

Rolson Interlocking Floor Mat Set

Interlocking Floor Mat Set 1.2m x 1.8m

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Rescue Cushion SP23 -- Inflated

Rescue / Jump Cushion

Rescue Cushion (Jump/Air Cushion): for when a ladder is out of the question

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Rescue Path

Rescue Path

Rescue Path / Walkway for rescues over ice, mud, quicksand, marsh etc

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Bravo BTP121

Inflation / Deflation Pump

Bravo BTP12 Inflation / Deflation Pump

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Survivor Strop .


Strong, durable, high-specification Strop for MOB rescue

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Quick Strop 1

Quick-Strop (Helicopter Strop)

Helicopter Rescue Strop as used by the U.S. Coast Guard

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SOS Helicopter Strop (1)

SOS Helicopter Rescue Strop

Helicopter Lifting Strop, to Royal Australian Navy specification.

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SB Rescue Sling.

SB Rescue Sling

For recovering a casualty without the rescuer entering the water.

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SB Sling Mounting Clip 5

Mounting Kit for SB Rescue Sling

Enables secure stowage, yet with easy access in an emergency

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Telescopic Boathook

Telescopic Boathook

Lightweight aluminium.

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SB Sling Mounting Clip 5

Mounting Kit for Telescopic Boathook

Secure stowage and easy access

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Line Launcher - Complete

Line Launcher

A hand-held launcher using compressed CO2. Reload & launch in under 1 minute ...

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Lifebuoy with Grab-lines & Retro-reflective Tape


Strong, reliable and durable orange lifebuoys.
Size: 24" or 30" nominal

Prices from £25.50 + VAT

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Encapsulated Rescue Lines

Rescue Lines

Encapsulated LIne, 20m or 30m, to fit 24" or 30" Lifebuoys

Price: £20.00 + VAT

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TPA AV-3a With Arms 2 comp

Thermal Protective Aid (TPA)

To assist survival in lifeboats, liferafts etc. Available in 2 designs (with or without arms).

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Retro-Reflective Tape

Retro-Reflective Tape (aka Retro-Tape or Hi-Viz Tape)

For attaching to life-saving equipment to improve visibility.

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North Sea I A

North Sea Range

Floatation Suit, available as a one-piece or two-piece, in sizes S - XXXL

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Aquafloat Superior Suit

Aquafloat Range

Floatation Suit. Individual trousers and jackets (3 types), or a complete suit

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Extreme FRC3 Suit

Extreme Range

Floatation Suit for operators of Fast Rescue Craft, Lifeboats, RIBs etc in extreme conditions

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Mullion Smart SOLAS Suit 1A

Smart Range

SOLAS anti-exposure and/or immersion suits (2 types) and thermal liner (1 type)

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Compact 150 Red

Compact 150 Life Jacket

Available in 3 versions to suit different working conditions

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Hi-Rise 150 Wipe Clean

Hi-Rise 150 Life Jacket

For general offshore use.

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Hi-Rise 275 Regular

Hi-Rise 275 Life Jacket

For more extreme offshore use.

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Mullion SOLAS FF Jacket

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Jacket

Fire resistant jacket, in sizes S - 3XL.
Approved to SOLAS, MED and EN469. 

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Mullion SOLAS FF Trousers

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Trousers

Fire resistant trousers, in sizes S - 3XL.
Approved to SOLAS, MED and EN469. 

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Mullion SOLAS Fire Helmet

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Helmet

Durable and adjustable flame retardant helmet.
Approved to SOLAS 2010 and EN443.

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Mullion SOLAS FF Leather Gloves

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Gloves

Heat and cut resistant leather gloves.
Approved to SOLAS 2010 and EN659.

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Mullion SOLAS FF Fire Boots

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Boots

Electrical insulating and flame retardant.
Approved to SOLAS 2010, EN ISO 20345 and EN15090.

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Mullion SOLAS FF Storage Bag

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Storage Bag

To hold a complete set of the Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Kit


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SOLAS Fire Fighter Complete Kit

Mullion SOLAS Fire Fighter Complete Kit

Complete Set, including Storage Bag

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Water Forensic Body Recovery System.

Water Forensic Body Recovery System

Recovering a body from the surface (or near-surface) without the operator physically touching it.

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Underwater Forensic Body Recovery Bag

Forensic Body Recovery Bags: Underwater, Surface, Vertical

Specially designed for recovery from water, or from a vertical position.

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Hand Protection

Forensic Bags: Head / Hands / Feet

Additional protective bags for head, hands and feet.

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Forensic Limb Recovery Bag (2)

Forensic Bags: Limb Recovery

Additional protective bag for recovery of limbs etc.

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SB Sling Mounting Clip 5

Mounting Kit for Water Forensic Body Recovery System

Enables secure stowage, yet with easy access

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Aqua-Sac ® "Sandbag" (Emergency Services)

A "Self-Inflating Sandbag" for the Emergency Services and anyone protecting waterside or medium/large sites.

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Filling from Hosepipe or Buckets

Aqua-Sac ® : Inflation Pool & Pump

Easily-portable "inflation tank" when deploying Aqua-Sac® in larger quantities if there is no nearby river or lake

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Alteau Flood Barriers (5)

Alteau Flood Barriers

Emergency Services: mobile, self-inflating, extendable and reusable water-barriers

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