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Lifebuoy Options: Personalised / Markings

Lifebuoys can be customised / personalised with the addition of Adhesive Lettering, often for reasons of aesthetics (eg with a vessel's name) or to discourage theft. Lettering is available in a choice of sizes, fonts and colours - the most popular choices are black lettering on an orange lifebuoy, and blue lettering on a white lifebuoy, both of which offer a strong contrast.

Note: Generally, using paint on a lifebuoy is not recommended due to the difficulty in creating a paintable surface on the polyethylene.

Lifebuoy with example Adhesive Lettering

Ordering this product

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  • Choice of lettering sizes, colours and fonts
  • Choice of position for the lettering (top / sides / bottom, to avoid being obscured by adjacent equipment eg housings)
  • Cost depends on the size of the lettering and the length of the text


    ..... with Adhesive Lettering... with example lettering    .... with blue lettering    ... with example adhesive lettering   

      20170110 115430       
..... with Adhesive Lettering     

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