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Lifebuoy Sets (Type 2: With Standard Housing)

These sets comprise:

 Lifebuoy c/w Grab-lines and Retro-reflective Tape  plus  Encapsulated Rescue Line  plus  Standard Lifebuoy Housing

plus optional mountings

Just follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1:  Decide which size Lifebuoy you need: 24" or 30"

Step 2:  Decide your fixing method from the table below ....

Position: You need:   Set supplied with:
On a wall, fence etc? Set 2A (You provide your own fixings)
On railings? Set 2B Rail Clamps
On a pole (soft surface)? Set 2C Pole (sub-surface) (Galvanised)
On a pole (hard surface)? Set 2D Pole (hard-surface) (Galvanised)

Step 3:  Place your order below .....

Standard Lifebuoy Housing, with Lifebuoy & Rescue LIne
DescriptionPrice Inc VATPrice Ex VATQty
24" Set 2A Lifebuoy, Line & Housing£205.33£171.11
24" Set 2B Lifebuoy, Line, Housing & Rail-Clamps£259.15£215.96
24" Set 2C Lifebuoy, Line, Housing & Pole (sub-surface)£266.17£221.81
24" Set 2D Lifebuoy, Line, Housing & Pole (hard-surface)£272.03£226.69
30" Set 2A Lifebuoy, Line & Housing£215.87£179.89
30" Set 2B Lifebuoy, Line, Housing & Rail-Clamps£269.69£224.74
30" Set 2C Lifebuoy, Line, Housing & Pole (sub-surface)£276.71£230.59
30" Set 2D Lifebuoy, Line, Housing & Pole (hard-surface)£282.55£235.46

Key Features

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Designed for use in both commercial and leisure environments, whether salt-water or fresh-water
  • Available in two sizes: 24" or 30" orange Lifebuoy
  • Lifebuoy: strong, reliable and durable orange Lifebuoy, fitted with synthetic-rope grablines and Retro-reflective Tape on both sides (to aid visibility in low light). Complies with the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED compliant)
  • Rescue Line: enables easy retrieval of the Lifebuoy and increases the chances of a successful rescue. The Rescuer simply holds the thin end of the "milk-bottle"-shape in one hand, and throws the Lifebuoy with the other. Fits neatly within the Lifebuoy, and the buoyant line runs without kinks (no more windswept/tangled lines; also discourages tampering by little fingers!).
  • Standard Housing: Our most popular Lifebuoy Housing. Designed to strike the effective balance between making the Lifebuoy visible and accessible, yet not an open invitation to misuse or vandalism, whilst also giving a pleasing appearance and quality finish which doesn't detract from the visual environment. (Trials by two UK Local Authorities in 2013 demonstrated a major reduction in theft/vandalism by placing lifebuoys in a housing).
  • Mountings for the Housing: select from 4 options to suit your particular situation:
         (A) mounting to a wall, fence etc
         (B) onto railings
         (C) pole-mounted into a soft surface (eg canal-bank)
         (D) pole-mounted onto a hard surface (eg wooden jetty)



(a) Lifebuoy:

  24" Lifebuoy 30" Lifebuoy
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene
External Diameter Nominal 24"
Actual 600mm (23.6")
Nominal 30"
Actual 750mm (29.5")
Internal Diameter 325mm 450mm
Depth 95mm 105mm
Weight (without Rescue Line) 1.9 Kg 2.6 Kg
Colour Orange Orange


(b) Rescue Line:

  • Line: orange 6mm buoyant plaited polyethylene
  • Encapsulation: white PVC plastic
  • Overall dimensions: 20m Line: 39 x12 x 6.5 cm / 30m Line: 49 x 12 x 6.5cm
  • Weight:  20m Line: 0.4 kg / 30m Line: 0.6 kg


(c) Standard Housing:

  To fit 24" Lifebuoy To fit 30" Lifebuoy
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene
External Diameter 700 mm 850 mm
Depth 200 mm 200 mm
Weight (without Lifebuoy/Line/Mountings) 5.2 kg 7.4 kg
Overall height when pole-mounted 1710 mm 1750 mm
Colour Orange Orange


(d) Rail-Clamps:

         Rail Clamp

  • Supplied in set of 3
  • Complete with all fixings
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight (set): 1.0 kg


(e) Mounting Pole:

          Galvanised Pole with Base-Plate

  • A Galvanised Steel pole, including a stainless steel nut/bolt to secure it to the Housing
  • Choose either a Long Pole (for sub-surface embedding/cementing eg into a canal-bank) or a Base-Plate Pole (for hard-surface bolting/screwing eg to a wooden jetty)
  Pole (sub-surface) (Galvanised) Pole (hard-surface) (Galvanised)
Length 2050 mm 1500 mm
Cross-Section Rectangular 60 x 40 mm Rectangular 60 x 40 mm
Weight 8.0 kg 7.5 kg
Base-Plate n/a 200 x 200 mm
4 bolt-holes 13 mm diameter

Note: all dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerances.



Download PDF(1) Information Sheet (pdf file, 849 KB)

Download PDF(2) Installation Instructions (pdf file, 639 KB)

Download PDF(3) Lifebuoy Inspection Routine (pdf file, 472 KB)

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