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Lifebuoy Equipment  -  FAQ

The range of Lifebuoy equipment can seem bewildering, so here's a quick guide to the most important things you need to know so that you can make the best choices for your particular needs.

Of all the enquiries we receive, at least 80% ask one of the following three questions! So the answers are below. If you need more detailed information on the products, please click the appropriate link:
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But: first things first ........
ou MUST carry out your own careful assessment of the risks, and decide on the most appropriate and proportionate response in your particular circumstances.

In the UK, statistics show that the risk of drowning is twice that of dying in a fire. And it's important to bear in mind that the people who are most at risk are not necessarily the most obvious groups: the number of people drowning whilst fishing is nearly double that who drown whilst sailing, and the group at highest risk of drowning are people who just happen to be running or walking near water (and are therefore the most ill-prepared for the worst).
     The importance of a proper Risk Assessment .....

Top 3 FAQs

(1) What size Lifebuoy do I need?  24" or 30" ?Lifebuoy c/w Grab-lines and Retro-reflective Tape

(2) How many Lifebuoys do I need?Lifebuoy c/w Grab-lines and Retro-reflective TapeLifebuoy c/w Grab-lines and Retro-reflective Tape

Your Risk Assessment should have led you naturally to the answer on this already. The factors to be considered include:

More guidance can be found here:
RNLI: Safety Advice
RNLI: Guide to Coastal Public Rescue Equipment

Encapsulated Rescue Line

(3) Do I need a Rescue Line?

A Rescue Line is optional, but we strongly recommend it.

Again, this should be considered as part of your Risk Assessment, but it's very likely to be needed in order to:

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