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September 2019

Rescue Cushion

Rescue Cushion

We've been pleased to provide a UK Police Force with full training in the operation and maintenance of their new Model SP23 Rescue / Jump Cushion. (The SP23 can be deployed in 60 seconds, is ready for re-use after a recovery-time of only 20 seconds, and is designed for a jump-height of up to 23 metres).                                                         More info .....


August 2019SB Rescue Sling

SB Rescue Sling

The SB Rescue Sling goes from strength to strength, as this month we are awarded the contract to supply 21 slings to a shipbuilder in Taiwan for new-build rescue vessels, and we despatch another consignment of 14 slings to the Australian market.

Meanwhile, during its regular safety inspections, a sling already fitted to a US-based tugboat has passed the stringent tests applied by the USCG.

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June 2019

Line Launcher - Complete

Launching the Line-Launcher .......

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as exclusive distributors of the Kiwi Rescue Line Launcher for the UK and Ireland.

The Line Launcher propels a high-vis safety line and flotation pod for 80 metres+, using a compressed CO2 cylinder, and can be reloaded and launched in under 1 miniute. Ideal for situations when a line-connection is required in even the most extreme weather conditions. Vessel-to-Vessel, Shore-to-Vessel, Man Overboard ........

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May 2019

Cable Laying Vessel

Cal Mac 2-002

Ship-Specific Training Manuals

Our range of Marine Publications includes training manuals which are customised for the individual vessel. This month we're working on Customised Manuals for the Japanese owners of a new cable-laying ship being built in Colombo Dockyard in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, we've just completed another Customised Manual for a small Ro-Ro ferry, based on our Coded Vessel Training Manuals. [These manuals are ideal for vessels which fall outside the Workboats category (under 24 metres) but below the SOLAS category (over 500 tonnes)].

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April 2019Stena

Emergency Equipment Lockers

Stena Line has a major new fleet investment programme including three E-Flexer RoPax ships currently under construction in China. These are scheduled for deployment on its Irish Sea routes in 2020 and 2021, and we are delighted to be providing UK-M1359-compliant RoRo Emergency Equipment Lockers c/w all statutory equipment.

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March 2019White Lifebuoy with Retro-Tape

White Lifebuoys

Our White Lifebuoys are proving ever more popular - our latest despatch is a consignment to a theme park in Hong Kong .....

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January 2019SB Rescue Sling.

New Year, New Markets ........

Our SB Rescue Sling has already proved popular across Europe, Australia and the Far East, and we've now won our first export of this product to Russia ..........                                                       More info .....


November 2018TPA AV-3a With Arms 2 comp

New Product Range: Thermal Protective Aids

We are delighted to announce that our own Thermal Protective Aids are now available.

Building on the successful product previously marketed by Avmar, we have taken on the manufacture as well as distribution, and commenced production from a new facility. The product also has new MED certifications under 2014/90/EU, and meets the relevant SOLAS and IMO requirements.            More info .....


October 2018Survivor Strop .

Safety Knows no Boundaries .......

Our safety and rescue equipment has application across a surprisingly wide range of industries - our recent customers are as diverse as the Fire & Rescue Services and Cirque Du Soleil, via Disneyland (Hong Kong), Public Authorities and the movie business!


September 2018

Mullion Logo

Mullion Survival Equipment

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed Distributors for the Mullion ranges of Life Jackets, Floatation Garments, and Fire Fighter Kit.
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August 2018Inflatable Shelter with Lighting

Emergency Inflatable Shelters

We've won a new contract for Inflatable Shelters to the central buying department of the Civil Defence in Republic of Ireland. These will be delivered in a few weeks' time, as the shelters are being customised for them.                         More info .....


July 2018SB Rescue Sling.
Survivor Strop .

Export, Export and Export Again!

This month we're supplying a large consignment of SB Rescue Slings to a company in Canada, an even larger consignment of our Survivor Strops to Singapore, and an order of Helicopter Rescue Strops to Dubai.

Meanwhile, our UK customers continue to keep us on our toes with new orders, especially for Lifebuoy Equipment and Marine Publications .........


June 2018Coded Vessel 4

New Training Manuals

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new additions to our range of training manuals. These address the needs of both Large and Small Coded (non-SOLAS) Vessels, and cover Lifesaving Appliances, Survival Techniques, and Fire Extinguishing Systems & Equipment.    More info .....



May 2018Symphony of the Seas

"Symphony of the Seas"

At 228,000 gt, and able to carry over 6,600 passengers, "Symphony of the Seas" is the world's largest cruise liner. Naturally, we are delighted to have supplied part of the emergency equipment on board ........


April 2018White Lifebuoy with Retro-Tape

Chilled, but not "Frozen" !

Safety-requirements are an important reality, even in a fantasy-world such as Disneyland, and we are pleased to be supplying more lifebuoy equipment to Disneyland in Hong Kong ....................

More info .....


March 2018Small Rescue BoatMacau FR

Fast-Inflation Rescue Boats

We are delighted to have won a repeat order for 2 Rescue Boats for the Macau Fire & Rescue Service. The fast-inflation RTB1-SEB can be ready for use in as little as 30 seconds, even on the roof of a Fire Appliance               More info .....


February 2018Samuel Beckett class

Customised Manuals .........

The Irish Navy is building a fleet of new offshore patrol vessels, the 90-metre Samuel Beckett  class. Having already supplied ship-specific Fire and LSA training manuals for the first 3 vessels in this class, we're now working on customised manuals for the 4th vessel.                           More info .....


January 2018Survivor Strop .

Customised Strops .........

This month we've supplied a customised version of our Survivor Strop to another disabled person to enable him to move himself whilst at home, and we're also developing a double-strop version for use in a marine application.


December 2017Inflatable Shelter 6

Emergency Inflatable Shelter

Farnborough Airport Fire & Rescue Service are the latest customer to order our Emergency Inflatable Shelter after on-site evaluation and testing.  More info .....

We've also now completed our JOSCAR accreditation as suppliers to the defence industry.


November 2017
Aqua-Sac®Alteau Flood Barriers (1)

New Products: Flood Defences

We are delighted to have been appointed official distributors for two ranges of Flood Defence equipment:

  • Aqua-Sac® : "self-inflating sandbags" available in both large and small quantities

  • Alteau Flood Barriers: mobile, self-inflating, extendable and reusable water-barriers for sustained use by the Emergency Services in major incidents

More info .....


October 2017

Survivor Strop .

Survivor Strops

Our Survivor-Strops have been approved by the RNLI for use on their Lifeboats, and are now being supplied to the RNLI as part of a larger contract for MOB Recovery equipment ........

More info .....



September 2017

220px-ALMA Antennas on Chajnantor

Emergency Inflatable Shelters 

We have just won the contract to supply two Emergency Rescue Shelters for use at the ALMA, the world's most powerful astronomical observatory. The observatory comprises sixty-six radio telescopes in the Atacama Desert in Chile - a challenging environment, as it's the driest place in the world and at an altitude of over 5,000 metres ..........              More info .....


August 2017SB Rescue Sling.

SB Rescue Slings

All new supplies of this product now include a free App. for Android mobile phones, enabling retrieval of manufacturing/servicing information from each unit's barcode.


July 2017Fire Training Manual

New Edition: SOLAS Fire Training Manual

We are delighted to announce the publication of the 3rd Edition (English) of our SOLAS: Fire Training Manual. This provides a comprehensive update, incorporating the significant changes made to SOLAS-II, and now including extensive cross-referencing to the Consolidated SOLAS and other IMO Codes.     More info .....


June 2017Marina Safety Station (Low Profile)

It's a long way to ...........

This month has seen us despatching:

and Lifebuoy Equipment all around the UK to farms, construction companies, Local Authorities and educational establishments, including a contract for Marina Safety Stations custom-fitted with Rescue Lines .........


May 2017Survivor Strop .

Survivor Strops .......

It's always good to hear how our equipment can be put to additional (unexpected) use: one of our disabled customers is using a Survivor Strop to transfer himself from bed to chair unassisted, by attaching the strop to a hoist affixed to the ceiling.

On a related subject, we were also glad to contribute one of our Survivor Strops to Chesil Sailability, a charity which provides sailing opportunities for people with all types of disabilities from its base at Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy.


April 2017

MFC Survival Airtrack Rescue Path (3)

Exporting again .......

We're already fed up with hearing about the UK General Election (!), so we're concentrating instead on export-sales ........ which this month include 10 Rescue Paths going to Macau for use by Fire & Rescue Services, and 23 sets of Lifebuoy Equipment for a construction company in Ireland building a golf course with lakes and river-frontage.


March 2017

Rescue Path 3

Field-testing in Antarctica

The United States Antarctic Program will be carrying out field-trials of our Rescue Path / Walkway over the next few months ...... we can't think of anywhere better to prove the effectiveness of this equipment !!     More info .....

The U.S. Antarctic Program is a major operation covering all U.S. scientific research and related logistics in Antarctica, and involving 3 year-round scientific stations, 2 research ships, and a fleet of aircraft to transport personnel and materials.
For more information, please click U.S. Antarctic Program


February 2017

Inflatable Shelter with Lighting

Police Forces

Working with our Irish partners, we are delighted to have secured the order for two more Emergency Inflatable Shelters - this time for the Northern Ireland Police, and customised to fit with their new Command-and-Control vehicles.     More info .....


January 2017

Inflatable Shelter 7

Military / Civil Defence

Our Emergency Inflatable Shelter is available in a variety of standard sizes and configurations, and can also be customised to suit almost any situation. This month we have been working with a UK Defence Contractor on a bespoke shelter of 63m2.             More info .....



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