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Emergency Equipment Lockers (Ro-Ro Pax Vessels)

Contains equipment selected to aid escape from enclosed spaces within the ship in unusual circumstances, such as when the the vessel has a heavy list. May also be used during damage control or to aid escape when routes are obstructed.

Fully complies with UK MCA: Merchant Shipping Notice # M.1359

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Ordering this product

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Key Features

Key Features / Benefits:

  • GRP cabinet of robust (off-shore) quality, with stainless steel fittings
  • Standard equipment includes Axes, Rope Ladder, FAK, TPAs, Lifting Strops etc. (The Requirements differ according to whether the vessel is under/over 100m length - download our Specifications Sheet (pdf file, 476 Kb)  for full details)
  • Compact design, yet it can be customised in terms of both size and content according to the owner's requirements.


Additional Options:

Given the circumstances in which the equipment might be used, including for example the wet deck of a vessel with a 200 list, possible additional equipment could include safety harnesses, helmets, industrial work-gloves, bolt-cutters etc. (The height of the standard cabinet already allows a certain amount of space for additional equipment - other cabinet sizes are available).



  • Standard cabinet size: Height 1900mm Width: 790mm Depth: 665mm
  • Weight, including standard equipment:
    for vessels under 100m:  approx 167kg over 100m: approx 202 kg
  • Download our Specifications Sheet (pdf file, 476 Kb) for full details of the standard equipment contents
  • Manufactured in UK



Download PDFSpecifications Sheet (pdf file, 476 KB)


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