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A strong, durable and high-specification strop for Man OverBoard rescues in even the most demanding conditions.

SWL 150 Kg. Individually tested to 300 Kg by an independent specialist tester, and supplied with a Test Certificate.

Quickly and easily secured, either by placing the Strop over the head and then slipping the arms through, or by slipping it over the feet and working it up to the chest. NB Intended for rescuing uninjured personnel only.
(For air rescues by helicopter, please see our Quick-Strop ).

Note: although primarily designed for Man OverBoard rescues, it can also be used in other situations where a casualty needs to be pulled or lifted eg from mud/quicksand or in suitable helicopter-lifting drills/simulations.

Survivor Strop .
Price: £125.00 (£150.00 Inc VAT)

Key Features

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to secure
  • Strong and durable
  • Catcher's handle, for pulling the survivor onboard
  • Individually tested to 300 Kg, and supplied with a Test Certificate from an independent specialist tester
  • Safe Working Load 150 Kg (safety factor minimum 10x)

In a recent (December 2014) Test-To-Destruction carried out by an independent specialist, a Survivor Strop retained full integrity until 1.5 tonnes (1,500 Kg) - at this point, the steel hardware started to deform, but the webbing and stitching were still undamaged!



  • Individually tested to 300 Kg and supplied with independent certificate
  • Safe Working Load 150 Kg, with safety factor minimum 10x
  • Overall length: 239cm/97.5" (232cm/94" excluding lifting rings)
  • Weight: approx 0.8 Kg
  • Webbing: 50mm Filament polyester, minimum breaking strength 3,000 Kg (when used as a single strip - but for our strops the webbing is doubled!)
  • Padded Strap: closed-cell buoyancy foam
  • Strap Cover: polyurethane-coated nylon, in high-visibility orange and fitted with retro-reflective tape
  • D-rings: 316 stainless steel, TIG welded, breaking strain 2,750 Kg each (two are used together when lifting with our strop)
  • Thread: a boned 100% polymide (nylon) continuous filament, highly resistant to sea-water, abrasion, mildew, rot and perspiration (used for industrial sewing operations of a more strenuous nature eg mountaineering equipment, wetsuits, automative and aircraft seating)



Download PDF(1) Operating Instructions (pdf file, 447 KB)


Product Review:

"Sailing Today" included this product in an MOB Group Test (November 2010). ST's technical consultant, Duncan Kent, commented: "Something about this strop says "trust me", which could be that it is made from similar materials to a car's seatbelt or a heavy duty harness. Whether or not I decide to put any other device on board for MOB recovery, I think I would always want one of these trusty strops on board as well - just in case."


Survivor Strop Survivor Strop . Survivor Strop Survivor Strop Survivor Strop Survivor Strop

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