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Telescopic Rescue System: Rescue Attachments

The most popular attachments are listed below.

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Clamping Float

Telescopic Rescue System: Clamping Float

  • Clamps to the end of the Rescue Pole, and used to support the pole on the surface of the water
  • Material: Yellow plastic-coated foam
  • Weight: 0.8 kg    Dimensions:   30 x 20 cm


Price: £79.20 (£95.04 Inc VAT)

Floatation Collar

Floatation Collar

  • Buoyancy aid to capture and support a victim in water
  • Opening diameter  45 cm
  • Material: foam cushioning with nylon outer coating
  • Weight  0.7 Kg   Length 188 mm  Width 40 mm  Height 95mm
Price: £207.90 (£249.48 Inc VAT)

Boat Hook End

Boat Hook End

  • Slides onto the end of the pole, and secures with spring buttons
  • Weight: 0.3 kg    Dimensions:   19 x 8 cm



Price: £55.00 (£66.00 Inc VAT)

Grappler Hook End

RRGP - Grappler Hook

  • Retrieval tool, especially for unusual shapes where maximum engagement is critical
  • Secures to the pole using a double sprung button mechanism
  • Material: Stainless Steel      Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Length: 29cm    Hook radius: 12cm    Across 2 hooks: 23 cm
Price: £93.50 (£112.20 Inc VAT)

Body Hook End

Body Hook

  • For retrieving persons (conscious or unconscious) or bodies
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight  0.33 Kg   Length 500 mm  Width opening 420 mm


Price: £126.50 (£151.80 Inc VAT)

Rescue Net End

Rescue Net

  • For retrieving debris, small animals etc
  • Diameter  approx 50 cm     Attachment handle approx18 cm


Price: £140.80 (£168.96 Inc VAT)

Wading Pole

Wading Pole

  • Used as a depth / stability aid when wading unknown terrain and deep waters
  • Non-conductive, floats in water, concaved metal base-cap, depth marker, metal strengthened T-bar (fibreglass pole with plastic-coated steel handle)
  • Length  1.8m   Diameter 3.2 cm   Weight 1.1 Kg
Price: £52.80 (£63.36 Inc VAT)

Throwbag with 30m rope

Throw Bag

  • Includes a 30m floating rope
  • Weighted base
  • Max load capacity  300 Kg
  • Open bag diameter  35 cm     Weight  0.5 Kg 
Price: £41.80 (£50.16 Inc VAT)

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