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Lifebuoy Equipment: Components

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Lifebuoy with Grab-lines & Retro-reflective Tape


Strong, reliable and durable orange lifebuoys.
Size: 24" or 30" nominal

Prices from £25.50 + VAT

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White Lifebuoy with Retro-Tape

White Lifebuoys

Strong, reliable and durable white lifebuoys.
Size: 24" or 30" nominal

Prices from £30.50 + VAT

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Lifebuoy with example Adhesive Lettering

Lifebuoy Options: Personalised / Markings

Addition of Adhesive Lettering

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Encapsulated Rescue Lines

Rescue Lines

Encapsulated LIne, 20m or 30m, to fit 24" or 30" Lifebuoys

Price: £20.00 + VAT

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Integrated Lifebuoy Housing with pole mountings

Lifebuoy Housing: Integrated

The latest addition to our range, designed in consultation with the RNLI.

Prices from £195.00 + VAT

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Standard Lifebuoy Housing, with Lifebuoy & Rescue LIne

Lifebuoy Housing: Standard

A durable housing, that enhances the visual environment.

Prices from £130.00 + VAT

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Poles with Base-Plate for Lifebuoy Housings

Mounting Poles (for Lifebuoy Housings)

Mounting poles for our Lifebuoy Housings, in Galvanised Steel or Glass-Reinforced Plastic.

Prices from £38.00 + VAT

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Rail Clamp

Rail Clamps (for Lifebuoy Housings)

To attach our Lifebuoy Housings to railings.

Price (set of 3): £46.00 + VAT

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Housing Adapter (1)

Adapter for Integrated Lifebuoy Housing

Enables the Housing to be mounted on a single Galvanised Steel Pole (instead of two GRP Poles).

Price: £40.00 + VAT

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Deep Water warning sign

Warning Signs

Wide range of signage available - off-the-shelf or custom-designed.

Prices from £13.27 + VAT

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Lifebuoy Hanging-Hook in stainless steel

Lifebuoy Hook

Stainless Steel Lifebuoy Hook

Price: £13.50 + VAT

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Floating Line

Floating Line

Floating Line, 30 m, primarily for marine applications.

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Front Cover shown in situ (1)

Front Cover for Standard Housing

Optional front cover, easily retro-fitted

Price: £48.00 + VAT

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Example signage .....

Signboards/Clamps for Integrated Lifebuoy Housing

Add your own signage to our Integrated Lifebuoy Housings.

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Marina Safety Station

Marina Safety Station

Safety Equipment Station, ideal for marina pontoons, jetties etc. Available in multiple configurations.

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